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This article has everything you need to know about the different areas of Alone in a Dark House.

The Office

The Office. The power is on right now, which is why there is a Code on the screen. (I Played with others)

The first Bedroom. As you can see, not much here. The door i mentioned is locked, and to the right of the screen (where the green light is) is the Safe.

The safe. The code is already inputed. There should be a key inside.

Death Note Room. The Key on the table has been taken already.

The second Bedroom. The radio is turned off, tho after turning on power, it should turn on and play the most Annoying / horrifying sounds ever. This leads to the Attic.

The Basement. There is probably much more to discover here then i did. There was an easter egg where you go into the sewers and there will be a message saying "Coming Soon.."

The Kitchen. All items on it were taken away. You can see the Dining room from here.

(Note: Some Pictures taken wont work due to the lights constantly switching off, which means The Attic has been cut out. I didnt get more pictures because Eric surprise attacked me and killed me. Eric is almost impossible to avoid.)